Scott A. Paxton - Partner and SEO Veteran

Scott is a veteran and thought leader in search engine optimization (SEO). He started in the early days of SEO by creating software tools for marketing agencies. This allowed him to collaborate with the brightest minds in the industry. After Google released its infamous Penguin update in 2012 that wiped out traffic for many websites overnight, Scott decided to develop a predictive software platform that tracked more than 100 search factors that Google’s algorithms use to rank websites and award valuable sources of organic traffic.

Scott has used this software to enter and win multiple SEO competitions with ease. Seeing the need for consistent sources of new customers, Scott formulated a service specifically for small businesses, including dental and medical practices.

Scott’s system removes the guesswork of traditional SEO, and provides consistent, predictable results. We are fortunate to have him as a trusted member of our team.

Chris Jensen - Partner and SEO Consultant

Chris has two decades of diverse experience developing digital marketing strategies for his own business ventures as well as early-stage tech start-ups. He is always focused on finding the most predictable sources of revenue with the fewest barriers.

With this background, Chris is able to quickly assess marketing needs, develop plans, and execute strategies both individually and as part of a larger team.

Among his traits, Chris has the ability to identify unique angles that provide clear marketing advantages for his clients.

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