We rule the search results with
two unique solutions.

Traditional SEO is built on a foundation of guesswork. As a result, conventional “best practices” often fail to generate meaningful traffic causing many businesses to lose valuable time and money. This is why we developed proprietary search technology that reverse-engineered Google’s algorithms to identify and carry out proven patterns of success.

The only predictive search emulator.

We designed SERP Code to read Google’s algorithms and identify specific patterns that guarantee success at climbing the search results and attracting targeted organic traffic.

No more random, spammy backlinks.

Earning the required trust and authority with Google’s algorithms requires relevant backlinks that are optimized and maintained on quality websites.

Link Authority enables us to acquire, control, and continually update backlinks that send strong authority signals to Google.

The Secret Sauce.

Our proprietary platforms allow us to predict Google’s requirements and carry out specific authority-building activities that are guaranteed to earn the required trust and authority with Google. This ensures your website will climb the search results and earn new sources of targeted traffic.