Our Journey

In 2002, Scott A Paxton owned and operated a software development company. After making a large investment in a traditional advertising campaign that generated no new clients, he was forced to find another approach or close the business.

In his search, Scott discovered SEO. Despite it not being a mainstream marketing strategy at the time, he began dabbling in it and quickly realized digital marketing was going to take hold faster than most business owners realized.

This was an inflection point where he saw an opportunity. With the infrastructure and a team of developers, Scott decided to pivot his business away from outsourced software development and instead design SEO tools that agencies could use to be more efficient for their clients.

For close to a decade, Scott’s SEO tools were licensed by hundreds of agencies. This allowed him to become very integrated into the SEO community where he became an SEO veteran and thought leader.

Then, in 2012 Google released its infamous “Penguin” update which turned SEO on its head. Businesses saw their traffic evaporate overnight. Companies went out of business as a result. After six months of trial and error, Scott and other SEO experts discovered what had changed and how to appease Google’s algorithms.

Feeling concerned that this would continue to happen with future updates, Scott decided to design the first known AI-powered SEO technology that could monitor the algorithms for new or re-positioned requirements. In addition, this software would have the capacity to gather vast amounts of search data to identify definitive patterns for SEO success. Today this predictive search platform is called SERP Code and tracks 148 of Google’s primary search factors.

Before the official release of SERP Code, Scott entered an international SEO competition to show the power of this new technology. At the end of the eight-week contest, his team earned all major awards including the most days in Google’s top 5 and the most organic traffic generated.

Since the early release of SERP Code, Scott and his team have built additional search software that is designed to carry out the vital actions needed to earn high trust and authority with Google. Today, these platforms are used exclusively by Scott’s agency to deliver the most predictable SEO service available.

SEO does not have to be a guessing game or an operation that takes years to pay dividends. However, it does require definitive knowledge about Google’s algorithms and guaranteed patterns for success.

Our Mission

Replace the confusion and inconsistencies of traditional SEO with knowledge, proven strategies, and guaranteed results.