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We are a blend of the two and this is what makes our approach so unique compared to traditional SEO. We are a digital agency that uses proprietary search technology to eliminate the guesswork and deliver consistent results.
We are a blend of the two and this is what makes our approach so unique compared to traditional SEO. We are a digital agency that uses proprietary search technology to eliminate the guesswork and deliver consistent results.

Traditional SEO has always been built on a high level of guesswork. This creates very inconsistent results. For this reason, we saw an opportunity to eliminate the SEO guessing game by creating predictive search technology that decodes Google’s search algorithms and discovers precise patterns for success based on its hidden formulas. This platform is called SERP Code.

In addition, during the course of tracking the algorithms and optimizing our clients’ websites, we were able to quantify the importance Google places on the quality of your backlinks. What we discovered, is this is by far the most neglected area of SEO and is currently preventing millions of websites from scaling up their organic traffic. While there are many backlink services, they are almost entirely built on low-quality, spammy websites that do not enhance your website’s trust and authority.

For this reason, we designed a second platform called Link Authority. This technology allows us to find and acquire thousands of websites with existing authority across all industries. Link Authority gives us complete control to scale up and maintain the quality of backlinks needed to earn valuable credibility with Google.

These two unique platforms are what SEO has been missing.

Yes! Because we’ve been fortunate to have a high success rate, we offer an industry-only ROI guarantee. This ensures that you will see higher levels of traffic and revenue. Ask us about the details.

No. We do not believe in long-term contracts. Working on a month-to-month basis ensures that we earn your business every month. If we aren’t doing a good job, you can fire us at any time. However, because our service works, we never worry about this happening.

Yes, before working with a new client, we offer a complimentary SEO audit and consultation. During this call, we can cover the following items:

  • A technical review of your website and pages to ensure Google can crawl and index the appropriate pages

  • A quality review of your backlink network including two leading backlink scores called Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

  • A review of your keywords and keyword rankings

  • A highlight of opportunities and recommendations

  • An overview of our unique approach to SEO and how it would work for your website

Our goal with every call is to provide value and direction whether you choose to work with us or not.

This is not a problem. As we work with you, we will provide a foundational education about SEO principles, terminology, and proven strategies. In addition, we explain why conventional methods generate inconsistent results.

Because we believe the SEO industry needs to adopt a practice of transparency, we pull the curtain back and cover information that many SEO professionals either don’t know or choose not to share.

We are not the least expensive SEO service, but we’re far from the most expensive. The saying, “You get what you pay,” is very applicable to SEO which is why many of our clients come to us after investing in low-budget SEO services without experiencing a meaningful impact on their organic traffic.

Our monthly service fee is based on the optimization work that is needed and the budget our clients have to dedicate to SEO. Essentially, you can choose how much to invest in our predictive SEO service.

We try to avoid creating work for our clients unless it is absolutely necessary. As a result, it’s unlikely that we will need bandwidth from your team unless no previous SEO has been performed. In these cases, we’ll assess what is needed and will consult with your team throughout the process.

Contrary to popular belief, optimizing a website is generally not complicated, but does require patience as updates are internalized by Google’s algorithms.

With a few exceptions, websites can earn top positions for most keywords if you are willing to make the necessary investments in SEO.

However, our recommendation is not to focus too much on any particular keyword. When we begin working with a new client, we perform a cost/benefit analysis of a given set of keywords that each produce highly relevant traffic. We then focus on the “lowest hanging fruit” that will generate the fastest results.

The goal of SEO is not to earn top positions for trophy keywords…it is to generate a significant and sustainable increase in targeted traffic through the path of least resistance. Sometimes that path leads to highly competitive keywords, but often there are backdoor keywords that will earn equally valuable traffic at a fraction of the required time and cost.

Have no fear! We work with many clients who have done no previous SEO with their websites. However, you will need to have an added measure of patience as it will take longer to generate results compared to sites that have an existing foundation.

Our service includes unlimited consulting with an SEO expert. This often includes time spent working directly with Scott Paxton who has been a leading SEO veteran for almost 20 years.

Google’s algorithms are a little unpredictable. For this reason, even with the most advanced search technology, it is impossible to develop a precise timeline for results.

However, we have found that in most cases, our clients begin seeing the kind of traction that leads to an increase in revenue within six months. This can occur as early as the second or third month or right up to month six.

The good news is our ROI guarantee provides a safety net in the rare cases that results are not realized before the six-month mark.

We approach each client relationship with one goal…do whatever is necessary to ensure that your website climbs the search results and earns meaningful sources of traffic that increase sales or qualified leads.

Sometimes this process requires regular contact and consulting with one of our industry veterans to address optimization needs for the website.

However, very often, what is missing is a strong off-page presence of quality backlinks. In these cases, it is best for our team to focus on acquiring and deploying our strategic backlink assets to boost your site’s overall trust and authority with Google. This work does not require the same level of client interaction or consulting but frequently generates far greater results than any other optimization work.

We’ve developed two platforms that are the true difference makers with our SEO service.

SERP Code:

SERP Code is a predictive search emulator that has identified 148 of Google’s primary search factors. This has allowed us to reverse-engineer the algorithms.

We do this by crawling thousands of websites including our client and competitor sites to generate large data sets. We then run our algorithms on this data to uncover Google’s hidden search formulas. This shows us what signals Google needs to see to break through previous barriers that have prevented the growth of organic traffic.

Link Authority:

Over the years, we’ve discovered that Google has placed more focus on the quality of a website’s backlink network than other aspects of SEO. This has created a significant barrier for many websites because there is no scalable method for acquiring quality links. For this reason, we created Link Authority, our second proprietary platform that finds and acquires websites that have existing trust and authority with Google. These sites are then deployed on a one-to-one basis as strategic backlinks for our clients.

Unlike link farms or directories that stack multiple backlinks to many different websites, our “link assets” are linked exclusively to a single client website. In addition, we curate the content, pages, and backlinks precisely to Google’s requirements.

Finally, because we own the sites that are being used as backlinks, we are able to update them anytime Google releases new requirements for backlinking. This keeps the backlinks fresh and always up-to-date.

These two platforms address the issues that have plagued traditional SEO and caused inconsistent results.

No. In most cases, we prefer that you keep your site safe and secure by limiting access to outside sources.

When we identify technical or on-page SEO needs related to your website, we’ll show you what is needed and how to accomplish it step-by-step. Because we’ve eliminated guesswork from the equation, this process is not complicated.

Here is a basic breakdown of responsibilities:

Client responsibilities:

  • Web development and general website updates

  • Website conversion optimization

  • Content may be generated by your team or ours through our optional content builder service

SEO Decoder’s responsibilities:

  • Assessment of SEO needs

  • Development of a strategic keyword list that is prioritized by the keywords with the highest commercial intent and the fewest barriers to success

  • Unlimited consulting with an SEO veteran related to all areas of SEO

  • The generation of any needed content through our optional content builder service (additional fee)

  • We perform all off-page SEO which includes acquiring and maintaining strategic backlinks through our “link asset” websites

  • Setting up algorithm breadcrumbs and other authority signals that are designed to train Google’s algorithms to view your website as a highly authoritative resource

  • Monitoring Google for algorithm updates and communicating any new requirements to our clients related to on-page SEO.

  • Consulting on adjacent topics to SEO that impact revenue or lead generation such as optimizing website conversions

  • Provide access to a keyword reporting dashboard for progress tracking

No. Unfortunately, we do not license our technology at this time. However, we do have strategic partnerships with agencies and consultants.

Yes! We have many strategic partnerships with agencies and consultants that develop into rewarding relationships.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in exploring a partnership.

No. We are a full-service SEO agency which means you do not need to hire SEO or content professionals to benefit from our service.

It has always been known that the quality of your backlinks has a significant impact on your overall trust and authority with Google. As further confirmation, the Department of Justice released internal Google documents from its anti-trust lawsuit that specifically state that backlinks are one of its primary pillars for determining the authoritativeness of a website.

This makes sense because each of your backlinks acts as an endorsement for your website. High-quality sites give a positive boost, mediocre sites give no boost, and spammy, low-quality sites can even create penalties from Google. What this means is quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to backlinks.

So, you can have the cleanest website with the best content and still fail at climbing the search results. The missing piece of the puzzle that cannot be avoided is quality backlinks.

Unfortunately, there are no good solutions to scale up the acquisition of these backlinks. To add to this problem, many services claim to sell backlinks on high domain authority (DA) websites. However, these sites have almost always been devalued by Google’s algorithms because they stack backlinks to multiple sites or frequently swap them out for the most current paying customers. These activities make it easy for the algorithms to identify link farms and directories. Once they have been tagged by the algorithms, there is no value in having them backlink to your site.

To address this critical need, we developed a platform that allows us to find and acquire websites that have established trust and authority with Google. Because we own the websites, we can set up the backlinks to Google’s specific requirements. This means no backlink stacking or swapping. Each site is dedicated exclusively to one client. We then generate all the content and optimize the pages to gain the maximum credibility with Google.

In addition, because we are able to identify algorithm updates, we maintain the backlinks based on Google’s most current requirements.

To our knowledge, no one has a more comprehensive backlink system that is always effective at increasing and maintaining a website’s standing with Google.

No, our system does not require any software to be installed on your website. instead, we use our own crawling platform that is built on the same system Google uses to crawl websites.

This gives us all the publicly available data that is needed to identify clear patterns of success that we then use to ensure we generate new sources of traffic for each of our clients.

Nope. We only work with one client that competes for a specific set of keywords and traffic. This eliminates any conflicts of interest.

Once a new client is onboarded, we close their industry or service area.

Unfortunately, traditional SEO methods are often over-sold even though they offer very inconsistent results. This causes many people to invest in SEO services with high expectations that can be left unfulfilled.

When we begin engaging with a potential client, we can very quickly identify what went wrong and provide solutions that are backed by data science. This involves showing you exactly what went wrong or is missing through a free SEO audit.

We consistently influence Google’s algorithms, but we don’t control them. For this reason, it is impossible to predict how much of an increase in traffic you will experience. However, because we use advanced methods and technology that are backed by data science, we have a consistent track record of generating new traffic that positively impacts revenue.

This is why we can offer an ROI guarantee and is the reason why our clients stick with us for years rather than months.